The Luxury Pawn Shop Serving Del Mar Hits the Surf & Beaches!

As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (and Jill a dull girl!). When the pawnbrokers at our pawn shop serving Del Mar have some free time, many like to hit the beach. If you like to surf, the beach in Del Mar is unique in what it offers the active surfer looking for fun and diverse waves. Lying just to the north of San Diego, Del Mar is close and accessible to all surfers in San Diego County.

For the opportunistic surfer looking for waves twelve months a year, Del Mar is a great destination. With a broad swell window open to seasonal swells twelve months a year, there is a great chance of finding a good ride within the city limits. Facing almost due west and with little land diverting waves from this stretch of coast, Del Mar, generally, sees good swell energy from the southwest, west, and northwest. The diversity of waves in Del Mar offers the ability to find a fun wave almost any time of year without the constraints of thick crowds.

The southern end of the beach offers a section of over one-half mile of rock-bottom reef. Depending on the swell size, direction, and tides, the reefs between Fourth and Fifteenth Streets will turn on at different times. Generally speaking, if there is a swell over a few feet, fun waves can be found at one or more of the reef outcroppings. The most frequented spots with the most consistent surf are Eleventh and Fifteenth Streets. Both locations thrive on swells in the 220-280 degree range with tides below four feet.

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